Ian Rowland

Freelance Writer, Magician, Communication Expert

Ian lives in London, England where, among other things, he's a member of the Magic Circle. He specializes in 'mentalism' or mind-reading magic and slight-of-hand.  Ian Rowland has been a freelance writer for about thirty years, during which time he's been hired to write everything from the world's dreariest technical documentation to some quite interesting books — either under his own name or as a 'ghost' writer for other people. A client once described Ian as a 'book midwife': if you have a book inside you, struggling to get out, he helps you to get it written, finished and ready to sell. Ian also dabbles in teaching and training. He's the only person from outside the United States ever hired by the FBI, who asked him to teach cold reading and related communication skills to their field agents. Other clients to date include Google, Coca-Cola and the British Olympics Team. He is the author of several books on applied communication and psychology: 'The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading', 'How To Work For Yourself And Win', 'Persuasion Games' (for Gilan Gork), 'No Worries' (for Gary Turner), 'The POWA Principle' (for James Brown) and 'The Prove-It Guy' (for Liam O'Neill). Ian was also hired by AGT winner Shin Lim to write his autobiography.