Dr. Aimee Kimball

Director of Player and Team Development, New Jersey Devils

Dr. Aimee C. Kimball has a PhD specializing in Sport Psychology and is the go-to Mental Training Consultant in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Dr. Kimball works with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes in a variety of sports. She is the Director of Player and Team Development for the New Jersey and Binghamton Devils, helping the players develop a successful mentality and the teams develop a championship culture. She works closely with the coaches as well as the development and scouting staffs.  Dr. Kimball was the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Mental Training Consultant for a decade and was part of both the 2009 and 2016 Stanley Cup championships.  She has also served as the mental training consultant for Duquesne University, Saint Francis University, and Sewickley Academy and has previously assisted the Pittsburgh Steelers in analyzing potential draft picks. Since 2004, Dr. Kimball has worked with over 40 high schools, 11 colleges, and 6 professional sports teams.